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Major Split

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STILL CAN'T DO A SPLIT? USE THIS! Develop flexibility at your own pace. Fully adjustable to fit children and adults of all heights. Extends your range of motion to perform better and reduce injuries! Compact and travel-friendly. Used by yogis, dancers, and athletes worldwide. We all know how painful stretching our legs apart can be- but it is crucial in our crafts. Flexibility enables us to kick higher, stretch further, perform better and reduce injuries! That is why we have developed the MajorSplit. So that you can increase your flexibility at your own pace, anytime and anywhere! 


 LEARN HOW TO DO A SPLIT- AT YOUR OWN PACE! With the MajorSplit, you will no longer need a training partner or resort to painful and injury-prone old school leg stretches. Being stretched past your boundaries by a training partner could easily result in nasty injuries such as a hamstring tear. Now you can stretch yourself easily- no matter your level of flexibility.


 FULLY ADJUSTABLE TO FIT EVERYONE MajorSplit consists of 3 bars which are fully adjustable. Just press the notch and click them into place in seconds. It is easily adjustable to fit everyone- from young children to adults who are over 6 feet tall.


 COMPACT AND PORTABLE Your MajorSplit arrives fully assembled and can be folded and kept aside within seconds. It will not turn into yet another equipment that takes up precious space in your home or gym. If you don’t want to miss your daily stretches while travelling, just bring your MajorSplit along!


START DEVELOPING YOUR FLEXIBILITY TODAY! Flexibility is crucial in every sport and craft- and there is no reason for you to delay your own progress any longer. Our beloved customers have reported seeing progress within just a few weeks. Our customers range from martial artists to yogis, dancers, sprinters and athletes. Whatever your choice of sport, MajorSplit is the ultimate game-changer you need. Get yours now!


FEATURES Each set contains one MajorSplit Arrives fully assembled Extends from 55.5 cm up to 102.3 cm Made from stainless steel.